Nosferatu trailer: “He is coming to us” on December 25

WED DESK: “Does evil come from within us or beyond?” This is how the trailer for the latest iteration of the famed original vampire “Nosferatu” eerily opens.

The trailer for Nosferatu dropped late Monday, gripping viewers with its eerie and captivating portrayal of a beautifully gothic atmosphere reminiscent of 18th-century London, a hallmark of the genre.

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Within ten hours of its release, the trailer has already amassed more than 3 million views. It tantalises fans of the gothic and slow-burn horror genre, offering glimpses of everything and nothing at the same time. Anticipation for the film’s December 25 release date is obvious from the comment, with audiences eagerly awaiting its arrival.

After a series of gothic or gothic-inspired films that were overly dark and major flops (including the disappointing Tim Burton’s Johnny Depp-starrer, “Dark Shadows”), Nosferatu appears to be a real treat. It’s visually stunning, gripping, spine-chilling, with the perfect dose of suspense.

Nosferatu is a supernatural gothic horror film. It is directed and written by Robert Eggers, known for his previous work on “The VVitch.” It serves as a modern retelling of FW Murnau’s 1922 silent film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

The movie stars Bill Skarsgård as Count Orlok, Nicholas Hoult as Thomas Hutter, Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter, alongside a notable ensemble cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Emma Corrin, Ralph Ineson, Simon McBurney, and Willem Dafoe.

Development of Nosferatu began in 2015, initially planned as Eggers’ next film after The VVtch. However, due to other projects like “The Lighthouse” and “The Northman,” production was postponed.

Eggers’ frequent collaborator Anya Taylor-Joy was originally cast but had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. The main cast was confirmed in 2022, and filming took place primarily in Prague from February to May 2023.

The story revolves around the relationship between Count Orlok and Ellen Hutter, set against a backdrop of Gothic atmospheres and cinematography inspired by 19th-century England.

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Focus Features is set to unveil Nosferatu in the United States on December 25 this year, offering audiences a distinctive interpretation of the classic vampire tale.

Eggers’ film delves into themes of terror and obsession, inviting viewers into a haunting realm where darkness and desire intertwine.

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