Tamayo Perry: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor dies aged 49

NORTH SHORE: Actor “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” fame, Tamayo Perry, passed away aged just 49 following a shark attack near Goat Island in Hawaii, United States.

Tamayo Petty was serving as a safety lifeguard and surfing instructor off Oahu’s North Shore when he was attacked while in the water.

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Local emergency services were quick to respond after witnesses reported the shark attack. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, Perry was brought to shore but tragically succumbed to multiple shark bites.

Perry had been a member of the Ocean Safety Department since 2016.

Perry was famous for his expertise as a lifeguard on the North Shore. His surfing skills and positive personality earned him respect among the locals.

Perry’s death led the Ocean Safety officials to issue shark warnings in the area. Although such incidents are rare, Perry’s tragic passing highlights the potential dangers of the ocean.

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According to local reports, Tamayo Perry’s passing has profoundly impacted residents of North Shore.

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