No Pakistani students killed, raped in Bishkek, says embassy

No Pakistani student killed in Bishkek

BISHKEK (Kyrgyzstan): Pakistani embassy Saturday said that there are no confirmed reports of the death or rape of any Pakistani student, who were subjected to mob violence late Friday night.

According to Pakistan’s Embassy in Bishkek, foreign students living in Bishkek including those from Pakistan, were attacked by locals in the aftermath of their brawl with Egyptian nationals a few days ago and many of them received injuries.

Some hostels of medical universities in Bishkek and private residences of international students including Pakistanis were attacked.

 However, contrary to the social media posts, the embassy said that so far, they had received no confirmed reports of death or rape of any Pakistani student there.


Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan has also confirmed that situation in Bishkek is stable and there is no report of any casualties in the mob attack, according to official news agency of Kyrgyzstan .

There are no casualties and injured among nationals of Kyrgyzstan and foreign nationals, the Interior Ministry said.

Traffic on all streets of Bishkek resumed, the interior ministry said.

Thousands of Pakistani students attacked by locals in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Meanwhile amidst the mob violence, the embassy strongly advised the Pakistani students to stay indoors.

 In social media post, Ambassador of Pakistan in Bishkek Hasan Zaigham assured that the embassy was liaising with the local law enforcement authorities to ensure safety of the Pakistani students.

The envoy also shared helpline numbers +996555554476 and +996507567667, asking the students to call in case of emergency.

 “In view of mob violence around student hostels in Bishkek, the embassy strongly advises all Pakistani students in Bishkek to stay indoors until the situation returns to normal. We are liaising with the local law enforcement authorities to ensure safety of our student fraternity,” the ambassador said.

Various social media posts also reported the incidents of mob violence at the hostels housing foreign students in Bishkek, along with the footages and imagery, with many appealing to the relevant authorities for immediate help to the Pakistani students.

 According to Ambassador Hasan Zaigham, the embassy staff was continuously responding to the calls from the Pakistani students and extending maximum possible support to them.

 “The Embassy of Pakistan is doing its best to help Pakistani students in distress,” he responded to an X post.

 Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch also reposted the envoy’s message and said the embassy was in contact with the Kyrgyz authorities to facilitation Pakistani students as their safety was of paramount importance for the ambassador and his team.

 FO spokesperson Baloch also seconded the ambassador saying that he and his team were available on the given emergency numbers which are also available on WhatsApp.

 “They have responded to hundreds of queries by students and their families. In case the numbers do not connect because of phone traffic, please text/WhatsApp,” she advised.

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