Former Sindh governor Mohammad Zubair announces departure from PML-N


KARACHI: Former Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair made headlines on Sunday morning with his decision to part ways with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), citing a shift in the party’s stance as the primary reason for his departure.

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Zubair expressed his views on the evolving dynamics within the party, stating, “The stance of the party has changed…it was better to separate ways.” He further elaborated that the decision to leave had been contemplated for some time.

While addressing the media, the former governor pointed out that the party’s increasing involvement in power politics had made it increasingly challenging for him to continue his association. “Ever since the party started power politics, it has become difficult to go along,” he stated.

Zubair’s departure from PML-N marks a notable shift in the political landscape, raising questions about the future trajectory of both the party and Zubair himself.

PML-N’s solo flight in federal budget preparations irks PPP

The announcement comes on the same day when a lawmaker from PML-N’s coalition partner, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), told media that PPP has been kept completely in the dark about the upcoming federal budget.

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