PDM govt spent 145 per cent more on foreign tours than PTI govt


ISLAMABAD: An investigation into the expenditure on foreign visits of the PDM government’s ministers and advisers reveals a 145 per cent increase compared to the previous administration. The current government spent Rs80.5 million on 25 trips, while the previous government spent Rs30.5 million on 22 trips, according to official documents.

The investigation carried out by HUM Investigation Team (HIT), health minister, Qadir Patel, had the highest individual expenditure with Rs10.3 million spent on his travels followed by commerce minister Naveed Qamar and environment minister Sherry Rehman – with expenses of Rs6.5 million and Rs5.5 million respectively.

Other notable figures include Miftah Ismail and Ayesha Ghous Pasha, who spent Rs4.5 million and Rs4.1 million respectively. State minister for petroleum, Musadak Malik spent Rs4.5 million, while ex-adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood expended more than Rs4 million on their trips.

The Cabinet Division attributed the increase in expenditure to the appreciation of the dollar against the rupee. Additionally, they noted that ministers of the previous government made fewer visits due to travel restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cabinet division maintains that details of the visits of the foreign ministers and the prime minister can only be provided by the foreign ministry.

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