LNG cargo from Qatar reaches Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan received an LNG cargo from Qatar which brought a sigh of relief as the country faced a severe gas crisis.

The delay in the shipment was attributed to a powerful hurricane that disrupted maritime operations for several days. However, despite the setback, the timely arrival of the LNG cargoes meant that the gas crisis was finally averted.

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited sources confirmed that the LNG cargoes had successfully reached Pakistan, and their integration into the national gas system had quickly restored gas supplies to various sectors.

They said that industries, including energy and fertilizers, which had been grappling with reduced gas availability, were now operating at full capacity once again.

This development had a significant positive impact on the overall economic landscape of the country, ensuring uninterrupted production and meeting the energy demands of businesses.

The improved gas supply situation also extended to domestic consumers.

Prior to the arrival of the LNG cargo, households were experiencing low gas pressure. However, with the integration of the new LNG shipments, the domestic gas pressure began to improve steadily.

With the immediate crisis resolved, the government turned its attention to long-term strategies for ensuring energy security and mitigating the risk of future gas shortages.

Efforts were under way to diversify the country’s energy mix and reduce reliance on a single source of fuel. Initiatives included exploring renewable energy options, promoting investment in domestic gas exploration and production, and establishing strategic partnerships with other gas-producing countries to secure additional LNG supplies.

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